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The Edwards Family Babies

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The Edwards Family

This is one special family! I have grown close to them since meeting them the first time almost 2 years ago at their maternity shoot for their first born. I immediately fell in love with their kind & fun loving personalities. Benjy & Amy Edwards make a SUPER cute couple y'all! They favor each other so perfectly. Now don't even get me started on how cute their little boy is! OMG, he is just so squeezable! I was there when he was born & I can say that each time I lay eyes on him he just gets cuter & cuter! On March 28th they welcomed sweet "little boo bear" (as her mother called her) Ruby to their family. Amy was a rock star and Ruby was born after only minutes of pushing. I want to share this families incredible story with you all so crab your popcorn and tissues :) Enjoy! 


​The Delivery of Ruby Eloise Edwards 

Born: 3-28-16



​The Delivery of Henry Benjamen Edwards 

Born: 2-2-15



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