What to wear for family pictures during the holidays

November 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What to wear for family pictures during the holidays

If someone could come up with the perfect answer to this life long questions I would hug them! For now there is not direct answer to this question. I can though share some tips to help you decide what look you are going for. As any mama preparing for family pictures knows, picking the outfits is by far the hardest part. You want classic looks that will remain timeless over the years. 

NO MATCHY-MATCHY - Do not feel like you have to all look the same or even have on all the same colors. Each member of your family has their own style so play on that! You want to go with colors and patterns that go together but are not matchy-matchy.

COMFORT IS KEY - If you feel good in it that will come across in your portraits! Make sure your are comfortable and confident in your selections. 

JAZZ IT UP - Use Layers and accessories that show your personality. 

Just bellow are a few images of examples for inspiration. I myself tend to go for the more neutral look but that is just my style. There are so many style options and I hope this post will help you sort yours out. 



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